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I read mostly adult romance/erotica: contemporary and paranormal (not a fan of M/M or F/F; however M/M/F or F/F/M is fine). I do like a mystery - although I admit I like a little romance with my mystery, and I have read some YA. However, YA is a hit and miss for me. I feel like I'm too old to be sucked into that genre now, BUT if it sounds like a book I might enjoy I will take a look at it. Putting it bluntly, I like my books with a lot of steam in them and you don't find that in YA.

I will NOT read: sci-fi, anything religious, nonfiction in the forms of biographies, autobiographies, memoirs.

I reserve the right to my honest opinion of the books I read and review. It is very rare that I will find a book that I just can't possibly finish reading - it's rare but it does happen. In the past I have privately contacted the sender and let them know there was nothing about their book that I enjoyed and because of that the review would not be a favorable one and gave them the chance to tell me not to post the review. I will no longer do that. If you send me your book to review I will give my honest opinion, good or bad. That is the risk you take asking for reviews.

If you are an author or publisher and would like me to review one of your books, please email me at with the following information:

*Book Title
*Publication Date
*Format (**see which formats I accept)
*Summary or links
*Book Genre
*If you'd like me to host a guest post, interview or giveaway

**I accept ARC, epub, and pdf

If you would like me to participate on a blog tour, then I require the dates of the tour so I can choose what is most convenient for me to have the book reviewed by. If you would like me to read an ARC and create buzz for your book before publication then I need to know which date you would like the review posted for. If you are sending me a book that is already published and not on a tour, I reserve the right to read and review at my own leisure. Book reviews in this matter are first come first serve bases. Depending on how many books I have ahead of yours (and time) will depend on when your review is posted.

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