Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Is this your Christian Grey?

Does he look like Christian Grey to you?

There's a rumour churning. A very delicious, heart pounding, panty drenching rumour that Ian Somerhalder is being considered for the part of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. I'm so out of the loop that I didn't even know there was a movie offer on the table, but now I do. And now I also know who is up for the lead of the sadist Dom.

If you've read my reviews for Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker  then you know how I feel about the trilogy. Or at least how I feel about the first two books since I couldn't bring myself to read the third even though its waiting on my reader. A movie based on these ridiculous books? What the fuck are people thinking?! Yes, that would have been my response a few weeks ago.


Um, Ian Somerhalder. Do I need to say  more? No, I didn't think so. Of course I'll be sitting in the front row the day the movie releases just because of him. I don't care if the books blow. I don't care if there's no plot. I don't care if my preschooler could have written a better manuscript than James did. It's Ian freaking Somerhalder as a Dom!

Look at the picture. Go ahead. I'll wait here while you drool for a bit. In fact, I'll drool with you. *sigh* Can you see it? That picture right there is why he would make the perfect Christian Grey. Those cold eyes. That rigid exterior. The strong, scruffy jaw line. He IS Christian Grey. Oh my God, am I actually advocating this horrid book turned movie?

Yes, I believe I am.  Because Ian playing Christian is the ONLY way I'd even consider sitting through what could be a disaster of a movie. Who am I kidding? Look at that picture again. It wouldn't matter if it was a disaster.

Now the only question is, if Mr. Hottie gets the part, who will be his Ana?

Any thoughts of who you'd like to see play his leading lady?

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  1. Sorry, not my first pick for Christian Grey. I think Alex Pettyfer is the quintessential Chritian Grey. Check out my blog http://votealexpettyfer.wordpress.com/ to see what I'm talking about! As for Ana, maybe Leighton Meester or Nina Dobrev? I'm not committed to an actor for her yet.


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