Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review: Last Chance

Last Chance (The Keepers' Chronicles #2)

Title: Last Chance
Author: Michelle Birbeck
Publication Date: May 30, 2013
Source: Author
Summary (from Goodreads): With her race saved from the brink of extinction, Serenity’s life could not be better. Married, finally, to Ray, and back in London for the first time in a century, retirement isn’t coming easy. Being a housewife was never in her make up.
But when Lizzy calls to say the Keepers’ records have been stolen, retirement is preferable over the danger they now face.
Targets once more, Serenity’s isn’t inclined to sit back and let her brothers and sisters face the losses she witnessed, but the order to move an entire race comes at a price.
Whoever is behind the threat, they show none of the mercy The Seats once did. No broken families left to suffer the loss of parents, aunts, uncles. This time they’ve gone too far, and when they take the lives of the race’s children, Serenity’s mind is made up.
This time they will be no threats, no mercy.
This time there’ll be no survivors.

 I really enjoyed the first novel in this series, The Last Keeper, so when I was asked if I wanted to be part of the blog tour for Last Chance I jumped to read the sequel. I didn't like it as much as the first, but it was still a very well written, interesting story. 

I liked how fast paced it was--although I felt it didn't really get going until after 60 pages or so. And I really liked the bond that was formed between Serenity and Poppy in this one. Two strong, kick ass females coming together to save the ones they love? What's not to like about that? I get so tired of reading books where it's always the guy that saves the girl and the day. Authors who switch it up and make the leading lady--or ladies in this case--the one who saves the day gets a ton of cool points. We're not all helpless females waiting to be rescued by the muscles. Sometimes we're the muscle.

I think what made me enjoy this a little less than the first is I felt like it was kind of a repeat. The Last Keeper was basically along the same lines as this. Keepers are in trouble, families are being killed off, etc. I felt like I had already read this version and I was slightly disappointed by that.

Still, it's a book worth checking out. The twists keep it interesting and there are a few surprises along the way. 


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