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Review: A Betty's Pledge

A Betty's Pledge
Volume One
Emma Husher

Release Date: 24th April 2014
Genre: Romance/ Erotica
Published by: The Writers Coffee Shop
Available from: AmazonKoboBarnes and Noble, and TWCS PH

There is an exclusive group called the Grants who only allow the most seductive women into their circle, and Madeline Cain would give anything to get in. After years of disappointing sex, Mady is ready for more. To her, it seems like men prefer a fifty thousand dollar plastic surgery bill rather than finding any substance in a woman. She wants more than stale sex, and the Grant Program could be just what she needs.  

Isaac Wilson has been dissatisfied more times than he can count. Usually, it just meant another long month of disenchantment on his part when he realized the new batch of women were no good. The Grants found several candidates that fit his needs, but as was often the case, they lacked that certain spark Isaac was looking for. Until a gorgeous Betty comes to the mansion, and Isaac can’t seem to get her off his mind.

Author Bio:
Emma Husher is a storyteller with a mind occupied by romantic fantasies, comedy, and steamy nights between the sheets. She spends her extra time putting pen to paper, creating characters and storylines that leave her readers begging for more. Her works delve into her world of late nights, hot bods, and erotic dreams. Emma lives on the West Coast where she enjoys sunsets, walks on the beach, and writing in the warm sun.

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Fast cars, expensive dinners, extravagant gifts, exotic vacations…money will buy you everything. If you’re part of the exclusive Grants it will even buy you a carefully selected, highly sexual wife. Eventually. But in the meantime you’ll be able to fuck your way through the rich young women that become Bettys.

Mady Chase isn’t satisfied with her sex life in the least. She’s sick of screwing men who have no idea how to please a woman and having to rely on her BOB is getting old. With the help of a friend she becomes a Betty and enters the secret world of the Grants. Mady only wants to explore the sexual side of herself that she’s never been able to get in touch with before but soon learns even a Betty can’t separate sex and emotion.

Isaac Wilson is instantly attracted to Mady. Being part of the Grants has its perks but over the years he’s become bored—until Mady crawls onto a bed for her masturbation trial. Intrigued by the beauty, Isaac wants to be the first to—ahem—welcome her to the Betty world. But will she be able to hold the attention of a man who has fucked so many women that he’s grown bored of sex?

I wouldn’t say Mady was naïve about sex, just a little inexperienced. Although for someone who had never even had the nerve to speak up and tell the guy she was doing that he was failing to get her off (the girl never had a guy give her the big “O”) I found it a little hard to believe she didn’t have any hesitation when it came to Diane. Even if it was a fantasy of hers and something she wanted to do, I think anyone, especially someone with her limited experience, would be slightly freaked out by everything happening. She showed no signs of apprehension.

And what the fuck was with Isaac’s mood swings? Sexy and cocky can be hot. But even sexy and cocky will not make up for a man with more PMS fits than a ragging bitch without chocolate.

While the writing was good and the story hot, I can’t say I really understood the idea behind the Grants. It was really nothing more than a high class brothel. A high class brothel meets sorority house with a tad bit of dating service—since the purpose of all this was for the Consorts to meet a “mate” in the end (a fact hidden from the Bettys).

I had major issues with the cliffhanger, though. Its book one of whatever, so I get that it’s not going to be all nicely wrapped up in one book. However, this one felt like it was an end of a chapter and the author just forgot to write the rest. There is a better way to end a trilogy than just picking a chapter and saying, “That’s that.”

That aside, it was a good read and I would recommend it if you’re looking for something different.

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