Sunday, August 12, 2012

In My Mailbox #2

I know I don't do this too often (obvious since it's only my second time) but I just had to share what I found over the weekend!

After reading Schmidt's book Risking It All I wanted to read more of what she had written. So I went on the hunt and discovered she only had one previous book out, Last Call, and a short story in this collection of four short stories- only it wasn't available to order anymore. Boo! But while browsing yard sales over the weekend, I started rummaging through a box of books and found this! In perfect shape, too! The books Gods were smiling down on my Saturday, for sure. I'm so excited to read this.

I also picked up the first two books in The Vampire Diaries series. I'm a huge TVD (show) fan, so I'm interested to see how the books differ from the show.

And my review for Where There's a Will will be up on the 15th.

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