Monday, August 27, 2012

The Spotlight

Who doesn't love exposure for their blog or book? It's what helps spread the word and gets people interested in your work!

I've decided to start a once a week run of The Spotlight were I will feature an interview with both bloggers and authors. Think this is something you would be interested in being part of?

Send me an email at stating whether you're an author or blogger and a link to your blog or website. For authors, please also include the name of your book that you'd like featured, a link to it from either Goodreads, your publishers site or your own, and links to where it can be purchased. I will then email you the interview questions.

The schedule for The Spotlight is still something I'm working on--whether it will start this week or next. I will let those participating know when your spot day will be when I have the schedule worked out. 

Help spread the word, or even start a Spotlight of your own! Not only are you helping out fellow bloggers and authors, but you'll get traffic to your blog through them as well. It's a win win.

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