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Review: A Medical Affair

A Medical Affair

Title: A Medical Affair
Author: Anne McCarthy Strauss
Publication Date: September 30, 2013
Source: Booktrope Publishing
Summary (from Goodreads): While under the care of her pulmonologist after a life-threatening asthma attack, Heather Morrison enters into an affair with her doctor. This affair violates the state’s code of conduct and his medical treatment violates the Hippocratic oath. Heather’s life is shattered as a result. After the doctor terminates the relationship, Heather begins research for her own healing, and armed with this information, she initiates a civil lawsuit. Although it is a work of fiction, A Medical Affair was extensively researched. A Medical Affair is a critical book for women who want to make educated decisions regarding their relationships with their doctors.

When I first got the request to review A Medical Affair I thought it sounded like a script written for Grey’s Anatomy. I was prepared for a few giggles, a hot romance, an altercation and then a happily ever after.

Boy was I wrong. The depth to this story makes it so much more than some fluff read. This could happen to anyone. How many of us haven't fantasized about being with someone who should be off limits?We probably all have at least one friend who has been involved with someone they shouldn’t be involved with because of the authority the other person has over them. Doctors, teachers, bosses, babysitters… We've all thought about the hot sex, what we don't think about is the potential fallout from all that steamy lovin'.

Heather is a thirty-something year old woman who falls fast and hard for her married doctor. What starts out as a hot and heavy relationship soon turns complicated like most affairs do. Heather was such a believable character. I felt like I was reading about one of my friends—everything about this made me wonder if this was in fact a work of true fiction. She was just so real; her emotions, actions and thoughts were not at all farfetched like some characters can be. If I had one complaint it would only be that I wish she would have gone through and not settled with the lawsuit. Since it wasn’t at all about money I really wish she would have gone ahead buried the asshole. Although, I can also understand why she didn’t continue with it and just let it go.

Jeff, the doctor, was a selfish, arrogant, womanizing douche. There isn’t one redeeming quality about him. I seriously felt sick over the scene in this office when he made Heather relive her past abuse so he could fucking get off on it. He’s nothing but a sick twisted freak that deserves a reserved seat in Hell right up front.
The story was great. It was captivating to the point that I couldn’t put it down until I had finished it in one night. Great job!

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  1. Leann,
    Thank you for this fabulous no-holes barred review. I'm so glad you enjoyed A MEDICAL AFFAIR as much as you did. It truly is a
    cautionary tale.
    All best,
    Anne Strauss


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