Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday 3/27

Our quote today is from Stephen King.....

Ahh remember those moments? That first date with the guy that gave you butterflies, the stolen glances at the hottie across the bar, the secret thrill of watching your crush do the simplest things. Mere moments in life that you wish could last longer than they do. It’s the exact same feeling I have about short stories.

It doesn’t matter how nicely the author wrapped up the story, it’s never enough. It’s like that stolen kiss, the one that makes your stomach flip and your knees grow weak. The one that you just can’t get enough of and you dread when it’s over because you know that will be it and you’ll need to move on sooner than you want to.

A kiss, a short story, like Mr. King said, it’s all the same. You start it and it’s good, oh it’s so good, and just when you crave more it’s over. It’s the reason I usually don’t read shorts because I’m left almost always feeling unsatisfied, more so if it’s linked to an actual full length novel I’ve read because I already know the characters and if I’m taking the time to read about them again I’d like it to be more than just 20 or so pages.

But there is also something intoxicating about a certain genre of short stories, like erotica. Those few smutty pages thrown together to give the reader a decent collection of stories to choose from is sometimes just what a girl needs before bed—especially if all she’s getting from that stranger is one hot kiss.

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